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captainsblog [userpic]
Cutting Your Losses....

♫I've been one poor correspondent, and I've been too, too hard to find
But it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind♫

So begins my first in-season blog post of 2017, just as the Mets end their interminable month-and-change of nonstop contention against our own pretty wussy divison. When you pack five teams as the basic unit of measurement, it's mathematically necessary to have at least one of the five paired up against a non-division opponent every day, and yet the schedule makers managed to exempt the Mets (or punish them, depending on your point of view) from this reality, giving them their first 30 games of the season exclusively against the 19-a-year opponents known mostly this year as the National League Least.

Only six of those 30 were against genuine Nat-position, which the Mets came remarkably close to splitting after going 0-3 at home before salvaving two of the first three at Parc de Nationale or whatever the Expos call their home venue these days.  Yet despite having 24 other contests against the three other dregs of the division, here we sit at 14-16 going into the first series outside the division tomorrow night.

Two games stand out among those first 30 for incompetence and mismanagement. First, that of just a week ago, where Thor was sent out with a chance to sweep the Nationals but instead got swept onto the DL in short order and a parade of pitchers, ending with our third-string catcher now famed for other things, gave up the team's second-highest run total for a single game in 55 years.  Not to be outdone, today's chance to sweep Miami at home, and end the early division series at ".500 Despite All The Injuries," came up a game (and, admit it, seven runs) short because Harvey Day turned into Harvey Suspended Day just before gametime and his sudden successor got bombed in his debut.

Reports are that Dark Knight blew off his non-start Saturday appearance in Flushing in favor of a Saturday tee time. This follows the events of last weekend, where management fucked up Noah's injury and tried to press Matt into service a day before a scheduled start (and a day after a heavy scheduled weight workout). The results were losses in both Thor's and Matt's scheduled starts.  Bats went crazy the next three nights and brought the Mets within a game of the early-season-barometer of .500, but today's suspension led directly to a 7-0 loss and a 14-16 record with much of the Eastern Easy pickins now behind us.

None of this can be making Mattman, or his agent, happy. Which leads to only one logical conclusion: trade the dude for the right deal for additional offense, preferably to an AL team.

I know. Met history is full of bad moves in this regard, from Ryan to Seaver, more recently from Scott to Kazmir. But this is a guy who has been destined for the Bronx since before any of us had ever heard of him. He's been dissed(respected) and missed(used) in his tenure, and is likely a goner at the first opportunity.  Yeah, he'll no-hit us at some point, but that's just one game out of 162.  We need to get over fucking .500, and our chances at the moment are better without him than with him.