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May 2017
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captainsblog [userpic]
Getting Lost....

Well, at least closer to Lost.

We all remember The Numbers. Six of them, echoing throughout that utterly confusing series of Wednesday nights:

4 8 15 16 23 42

Meanwhile, in the Real Life that is Metropolitans baseball, fifty-four seasons have come and gone, just over 1,000 men have worn the orange and blue, and until today only one's on-our-field accomplishments merited inclusion in what has, seemingly, forever been a foursome:

37 14  41 42

Four numbers. One, not even ours- last worn here by Mo Vaughn, and last first-issuance to a homegrown Met by Butch Huskey. Neither is Hall material, although Butch Huskey should be in the Baseball Name Hall of Fame. Only one of the three homeworn numbers was sported by a Mets player during the peak of his playing career....

Until today. Now we are two:

One has to wonder why this took so damn long.  Across the Triboro, numbers are retired like peanut shells tossed from the bleachers into Monument Park. This past summer added Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada to the latticework. Nice players, good records, but the quintessence of the Hall of Very Good.  They're up to twenty numbers out there, plus assorted unnumbered Legends™ taking up parkland.  Now they do have a half-century-plus on us, but the Met-agement has been downright miserly over the years with the honor.

I've heard rumors of exclusiveness dating back to Payson days- that one needed Cooperstown cred, derived from their Mets accomplishments, to qualify for exonumerology.  If that remains the case, it explains why one number remains off the wall despite having two plaqued candidates to justify its retirement.  I long ago advocated to Make 8 Great after Gary Carter's sad demise, and to do it while the then-Oldest Living Met, its other main wearer, would be still be old and living enough to see it.

They didn't. He didn't.  But they should.

Clearly, the Wilpons are conscious of the marketing potential for this kind of event. They chose a weekend series against Colorado, hardly a rival or traditional draw.  (Hell, two of my last three randomly chosen Citi visits were against the Rocks.)  The July 31 date also looms significant, because any deficiencies in Trade Deadline Activity will likely get lost in all the Piazzaz of the weekend.

So not this year, but next? We're talkin' Larry (Yogi) and The Kid.  Another sure sellout.

Following that? Keith Hernandez next comes up for Veterans Committee consideration in 2017.    See what I did there?

That would Get The Mets to six orange numbers to never again call their very own:

37 14 41 31 8 17 42

It might even inspire a big lottery win:)