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captainsblog [userpic]
Miami 2012

I've seen the season die in Flushing
Saw Casey Stengel hang his head
And life went on in all the pennant races,
They all kept playing after July 1st
And left us here for dead.

They cut their losses up in Buffalo
They said, "These so-called prospects blow!"
They'll try for better days,
With draft picks from Blue Jays,
While we keep sucking in the Show...

I've seen the season die in Flushing
The Wilpons ruined what once was proud,
You know we almost didn't notice it
With a Shake Shack and a Caesars Club,
Which are great but never loud.

They burned the bridges first with Beltran
And soon thereafter with José,
You think they'll try to fight
To make a deal with Wright
Or show some money to R.A.?...

I've seen the season die in Flushing
I watched a mighty stadium fall.
They built a pretty one in its parking lot,
It'd be a tougher ticket,
But we never came at all.

They sent a prophet named Francesca
Who said the Yankees were the best.
They said the Mets could stay,
To play one more game at Shea,
But they lost that game like all the rest...

You know that field was bright in Flushing
But that was so many years ago...
Except when that team comes up from Florida
Just to prove that, yes, you can stoop more low.
There are not many who remember
Their empty seats and strange Red Grooms
But still, today, I wish
We'll out-un-suck the Fish
And push them home with our stinky brooms!