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captainsblog [userpic]
It just doesn't matter.

When last we spoke in this space, the Mets had just seen the final not-so-fleet-ing moment of their Labor Day "push" get appealed away from them. That was followed by a split of the two remaining Cards, and finally by the debacle of the past three days on the Hats Off To Larry Tour.

What could there be possibly to look forward to now? The final 2012 appearance of Stephen Strasburg, I suppose. I saw his first AAA appearance at a Bisons game, many pre-Tommy John seasons ago, and the guy's the real deal. So naturally that rules out running him out against the Mets.

Our oppo-Nats for the next three nights, per Yahoo Sports?

G. Gonzalez (18-7, 2.98)
J. Zimmermann (10-8, 2.99)
J. Lannan (2-0, 3.46)

No sign of Steve in the first game of the weekend Atlanta series, either, which is as far as their probables go, so maybe they've just decided to begin the shutdown sooner. Or, more likely, why would they waste any of those precious innings on the likes of Josh Thole and Jordany Valdespin? I heard the far-off voice of Bill Murray, telling me that we've hit the depth of despair in comparing ourselves to real competitors, and while his message of "It just doesn't matter!" wound up being an inspirational one-

- the simple fact is that, for at least the balance of 2012, it's the Mets that just don't. They don't get it, they don't care to rock the boat, and from everyone from their old hated rivals in Atlanta to their won't-be new ones in the District, they just don't matter anymore.

My football team just got run over by a clown car, my hockey team is likely to be shut out for another season of BS labor law, and I'd really like to find something right about now that DOES matter.