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captainsblog [userpic]
Welcome to the (Unofficial) Official Mets Victory at CitiField Blog:)

Only that can explain why I've been so silent for the past month.

There are third-world regimes that have conquered and been deposed since we last witnessed a top-nine end of game in the 11368. 

A trade deadline came and went. Another 40 percent of the starting rotation left the building. Dudae and Nickei burned out EZ-Passes coming back to the Bisons, while Harvey pulled at least one rabbit from his hat and his AAA replacement found his way into his Wheeler-house (one night and one thunderstorm away from my seeing him do it).

We saw Dickey lose twice. That might be the strangest occurrence of all, squared.  But today, he was back with a vengeance, and even though I missed the sight of it, I was still within the sound of the posts about it. Why this man does not start pitching every fourth day is beyond me- even if that gorks the rest of the rotation and maybe sends Chris Young back somewhere more appropriate to his Young-ness.

Tomorrow begins our penultimate chance to say goodbye to Hello, Larry. Then, a brief roadie to the west and south awaits before the triumphant return to Citi of....


I sure hope so. Sharon Chapman was gracious and kind in securing ticketing and parking for the weary traveler, but a Rochester apartment complex just grabbed about half of my travel budget, so I need to work, hope and even pray a bit that replacement funds will roll in between now and next Thursday to enable the full trippage I have planned. Otherwise, it may wind up being an either/or proposition between a Bison game at Fenway with a next-morning 5K, and Rockies and Met fans two nights later.

But hey. The Mets won a home game, so anything is possible:)